Monday, February 28, 2011

Socks and underwear

Hi guys!  Alright as promised I said I would discuss the organization of my underwear drawer.  So I have to confess, I did not come up with this idea on my own.  My good friend Rachel gave me this idea.  Now, I always used to fold my underwear and match my socks and would put underwear on one side, socks on the other and then pantyhose, leggings, and bras in the middle to divide up the three different types of under garments. But one day I was sitting at Rachel's watching her pack for a weekend of fun and she opened her drawer to grab some socks and I almost died!  It was like a little piece of heaven!  What a great idea!  They are these zig zag pieces that you layer in your drawer and then fold your underwear and socks and put them in their individual holders!  Check it out!  Now I own a lot of underwear and socks because I travel a lot and for those who have backpacked know that doing laundry might not be an option so having 40 pairs of underwear is the way to go lol So as you can see, I have underwear on one side, socks in the middle and everything else off to the right.  This is a great way to keep yourself organized so that you never lose panties or socks, but it's also great for the kids!  This will be easy for them to find things and for parents it helps keep you and the kids things nice and organized!  My next segment will consist of a closet organizer that I built myself which also houses my bras since i'm sure you are  all wondering where they went :)  Cheers all! 

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