Monday, February 28, 2011

Socks and underwear

Hi guys!  Alright as promised I said I would discuss the organization of my underwear drawer.  So I have to confess, I did not come up with this idea on my own.  My good friend Rachel gave me this idea.  Now, I always used to fold my underwear and match my socks and would put underwear on one side, socks on the other and then pantyhose, leggings, and bras in the middle to divide up the three different types of under garments. But one day I was sitting at Rachel's watching her pack for a weekend of fun and she opened her drawer to grab some socks and I almost died!  It was like a little piece of heaven!  What a great idea!  They are these zig zag pieces that you layer in your drawer and then fold your underwear and socks and put them in their individual holders!  Check it out!  Now I own a lot of underwear and socks because I travel a lot and for those who have backpacked know that doing laundry might not be an option so having 40 pairs of underwear is the way to go lol So as you can see, I have underwear on one side, socks in the middle and everything else off to the right.  This is a great way to keep yourself organized so that you never lose panties or socks, but it's also great for the kids!  This will be easy for them to find things and for parents it helps keep you and the kids things nice and organized!  My next segment will consist of a closet organizer that I built myself which also houses my bras since i'm sure you are  all wondering where they went :)  Cheers all! 

Thursday, February 24, 2011


I finally figured it out!  Here some pictures of some of the things that I have helped to keep my life/apartment organized.  See! Organization can be fun!  I have a slight love for zebra print so when I found these bins Pier One I just had to have them!  And this cube unit from Ikea allows me a lot of room for storage.  Stay tuned for the organization of my underwear drawer...that's right you heard me, yes I do organize my under garments lol

Chaos into Order

So I am currently reading this book which I actually picked up a few years ago called How to Become a Professional Organizer.  This book makes me very happy.  I really think this is something I could be really good at!  As I mentioned before, those that know me have seen my place and can vouch for my organizational skills lol.  I just really like turning chaos into order.  Does it not make sense to have everything in a place where you can find it?  Now I live in a one bedroom apartment which is pretty small so it allowed me to get pretty creative in how I could fit all of my belongings.  Most importantly my shoes!  They are neatly stowed away in a flat plastic bin under my bed.  They will never get dusty or dirty and are out of the way of getting damaged.  Once I figure out how to post pictures I will put them all up for you so that you can see.  For today I wanted to tell you about how I store my hair stuff.  When I moved into my apartment I didn't realize that I had no outlet to blow dry my hair...obviously a building built in the 1960's by a man.  Silliness I tell you.  So I had to come up with an idea.  Fortunately my room is a fair size so I went out and bought this really neat looking box shelf thing and put two storage bins inside them to house my blow dryer, hair brushes, curling iron, straightener and various other hair related items.  Now these bins are just bins, they are zebra striped which compliments my taste.  Organization doesn't not have to be responsible and boring, it can be really fun!  Stay tuned for my next segment!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Tour

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,  Well today is Tuesday February the 15th and I am supposed to be embarking on my first of 25 dates, unfortunately my tour has been put on hold.  So without thinking, I forgot about my promotion for work that I received a few weeks ago and this week I am at this very intense training course which is great, but really exhausting as well.  While I did have two dates lined up for this week, it would have been very hard for to a) go out with them and b) track down more dates to keep the line up moving as my days are completely full and my evenings will be filled with drinks and things for work things.  There has also been a significant turn in events due to personal reasons in my life.  This experiment would have been a lot of fun, but for now it has to be put on hold until further notice.  BUT...I do not want to stop this blog,  I can't believe how many people are following this so I want to keep it going.  So for the next little while I am going to entertain you with some stories about guys I have dated or have been in relationships with.  I still really believe that I have enough crazy dating stories to write a successful book so please let me know what you think and of course i want to hear some of your stories too!  I will keep you posted on what's going on in my life and when I may start this experiment again :)  Cheers everyone!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Bring on the guys!

Happy Friday everyone!  Ok so I have been man hunting like nobody's business but I am going to need some help!  If you know of anyone you would like to set me up with then let me know.  I am not just going to use and abuse these guys, although I am doing an experiment, the whole point of this is to try to find somebody who I would like to continue dating.  Even if you do not know of someone who is single and ready to mingle then shoot me some advise as to where I can find a few more.  I am running out of time for next week!  Only have two dates so far, I have a 3rd and 4th potentially lined up, but I am taking appointments!  Thanks all!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Happy Thursday everyone!  Alright so just to let you know I have two dates lined up so far for next week.  I am going to have to work extra hard over the next few days to nab some more.  If you know of anyone who you would like to set me up with please let me know.  If they are friends or family of yours I will be very discreet about what I post so that I do not put anyone in an uncomfortable setting.  My first date will consist of bowling and some drinks!  This guy is great and creative, I love when a guy comes up with an idea for the first date, it shows that they hvae a brain and are willing to impress me...this is after all what the first date should be about!  Now I am also taking ideas on cool first dates, I feel why not try some new and fun things while this experiment is taking place.  Here is what I have come up with so far - Bowling - taken by my first date, mini golf, Korean BBQ -fun restaurant, rock climbing, science centre, cool coffee shop (i.e. not starbucks, Tim Horton's or any sort of chain, be creative! We live in Toronto after all!) Skating, the Bier Markt (need I say more) a pottary class and glass blowing.  Please feel free to send me further date ideas!  Cheers everyone!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Hello everyone, so along with my 25 dates I will also add where I met these guys, most of them will probably come for the four online dating sites I have signed myself up for, but it will give you girls and guys an idea of which sites might be more popular and more successful.  Plenty of Fish in my mind is by far the most popular and recommended free online dating site, but I have a few more that might just enhance this experience.  I have also spoken with a few people that I know through the area I work in and am hoping to be set up on a few casual dates.  The goal in mind of course is to find someone who I can hopefully have a successful relationship with, but I am realistic and understand that these things take time, work and dedication. If anything I will discover how exactly I want to be treated by a man, what I don't want in a relationshiop and maybe find that there are some really great guys in the world!  Here's hoping! 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

One Week

Hello everyone,  here we go!  I officially have one week from today to start dating.  How am I doing this you ask?  Well I have signed myself up to two free online dating sites and will be doing the 30 day free trials from e-harmony, lava life and other sites.  Please send me other sites or if you want to set me up on some blind dates I am taking appointments as of right now.  I will be keeping a journal of all of these guys and their information so that you and I can be sure that I will keep the information straight.  Wish me luck!