Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Mother Ship

Happy March 1st everyone!  So about a month ago a ground hog told us that spring would be coming early this year!  Not only does this excite me because it means that the snow and cold weather will disappear, but it also brings on my favourite saying 'Spring Cleaning'!  These two words excite me to no end!  No word of a lie I do it every year.  I declutter my life.  I go through all of my clothes and put what I don't wear anymore and give it to good will.  Not only are you decluttering your closet and drawers, but you are helping others who would really appreciate what you are not wearing.  It's a win win situation!  So while you are throwing out clothes and receipts and are trying to figure out what to do with all of your new space, I suggest checking out this fabulous store called Solutions.  It has everything from hangers to drawer organizers to fun bins to keep your shoes in.  I love this store!  There prices are relatively reasonable and when they have a sale, whoa baby look out!  I walk by this store every night on my way home from work and it takes everything in me to not walk in because I know I will buy something!  So everyone, get rid of some stuff, declutter and breathe a little deeper knowing that you are more organized, then go buy something from this store to reward yourself with your new found discipline.  Happy spring cleaning all!

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