Thursday, March 24, 2011

Start the car!

Happy Spring everyone!  It has been a few weeks since I have been on here and I apologize.  I have been busy with work and things over the past few weeks.  But I'm back now!  I know I promised that I would show everyone my fabulous linen closet organizer, but that will have to wait a few more days.  A few posts ago I know I was advertising Solutions, that wonderful organization store.  It is a great store, but sometimes can be a bit pricey.  If you are like me and our on a tight budget, but still want to dazzle up your living space or just create a more organized feel then I recommend hitting up Ikea!  I love what this place has to offer.  From furniture to kitchenware to really fun little nick knacks to help decorate and organize your home.  The items sold here are also extremely reasonable.  I am sure everyone has been inside one of these stores one time or another and can appreciate what it has to offer.  Not mention that really hilarious television and radio commercials.  My apartment is full of little storage units, night stands, and of course fun lamps!  I will post some pictures of some of the items I have purchased there so that you to can get some great ideas.  So stay tuned to my blog because my next post will be Ikea ideas, my linen closet and then I have some big news for everyone!  The news might not come until April, but keep checking because it's very exciting!!
Happy Organizing all!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Closet Wonder

Welcome to my closet!  As you can see I hang most of my clothes, but on the top from left to right I have comfy sweatshirts, then Golf/ski clothes and my jeans.
This is just under, I have a laundry hamper which houses backpacks and purses and my wonderful stool.  It's in there because in a one bedroom apartment there really isn't a lot of room.  It's all about maximizing space!
Here is the right hand side, I have gym clothes, sweats and more comfy clothes.
And this side I have designated to dresses, skirts and my belts! i have this great little hanger that houses all of my belts and things.  I highly recommend this. 
And this baby here is my masterpiece.  I actually measured and went to Home Depot and with my Dad's help built this magical storage unit!  I think this entire thing cost me $20!!  I actually built this for my old closet when I was still living with my parents and i'm so glad that I brought it here because it has helped out so much.  So on the bottom there is space for my laundry hamper, the next shelve houses a colourful box of bras (I knew you were waiting to see where they were stashed!) and a box of my very special zebra print stilettos.  They are just safer there lol  Then I have two shelves of sweaters and the top rack holds wristlets and my bling.  So there you have it! My closet.  You can certainly do many other things, but make it fun, easy price conscience and I guarantee that you too can have fun organizing your chaos! My next task will be the linen closet! Stay tuned!

The One with the Secret Closet

Hi everybody!  I believe a few posts ago I said that I would show you my closet organizer that I built myself to house numerous items.  I have taken some photos of it right now because at the moment my closet looks like a disaster and with this I watched an episode of the wonderful hit tv series Friends!  The One with the Secret Closet!  For 95% of the girls reading this you will have watched Friends at some point and know that Monica Geller is a huge neat/organization freak, but if you saw this one episode you would see that she has a weekness.  There is a closet in the back of her apartment that Chandler discovers is full from floor to ceiling with junk just tossed in there!  Monica of course flips out as she is so embarrassed, but wont' let anyone touch anything because it's her organized mess. I love this show!  And I love Monica's idiosynracies so much.  Now I will admit I love to organize and have a clean apartment, but I certainly don't have a dust buster to clean my vacuum with.  Yes she does have one!  You all need to rent the seasons and start watching, trust me you will love it!
So this got me thinking that my closet is kind of an organized mess right now.  I can certainly find what I am looking for, but it needs some help.  So I will post the before and after pictures either tonight or tomorrow so that you guys can see what I mean.  Stay tuned!  And have some laughs tonight, watch some Friends!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Mother Ship

Happy March 1st everyone!  So about a month ago a ground hog told us that spring would be coming early this year!  Not only does this excite me because it means that the snow and cold weather will disappear, but it also brings on my favourite saying 'Spring Cleaning'!  These two words excite me to no end!  No word of a lie I do it every year.  I declutter my life.  I go through all of my clothes and put what I don't wear anymore and give it to good will.  Not only are you decluttering your closet and drawers, but you are helping others who would really appreciate what you are not wearing.  It's a win win situation!  So while you are throwing out clothes and receipts and are trying to figure out what to do with all of your new space, I suggest checking out this fabulous store called Solutions.  It has everything from hangers to drawer organizers to fun bins to keep your shoes in.  I love this store!  There prices are relatively reasonable and when they have a sale, whoa baby look out!  I walk by this store every night on my way home from work and it takes everything in me to not walk in because I know I will buy something!  So everyone, get rid of some stuff, declutter and breathe a little deeper knowing that you are more organized, then go buy something from this store to reward yourself with your new found discipline.  Happy spring cleaning all!