Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Closet Wonder

Welcome to my closet!  As you can see I hang most of my clothes, but on the top from left to right I have comfy sweatshirts, then Golf/ski clothes and my jeans.
This is just under, I have a laundry hamper which houses backpacks and purses and my wonderful stool.  It's in there because in a one bedroom apartment there really isn't a lot of room.  It's all about maximizing space!
Here is the right hand side, I have gym clothes, sweats and more comfy clothes.
And this side I have designated to dresses, skirts and my belts! i have this great little hanger that houses all of my belts and things.  I highly recommend this. 
And this baby here is my masterpiece.  I actually measured and went to Home Depot and with my Dad's help built this magical storage unit!  I think this entire thing cost me $20!!  I actually built this for my old closet when I was still living with my parents and i'm so glad that I brought it here because it has helped out so much.  So on the bottom there is space for my laundry hamper, the next shelve houses a colourful box of bras (I knew you were waiting to see where they were stashed!) and a box of my very special zebra print stilettos.  They are just safer there lol  Then I have two shelves of sweaters and the top rack holds wristlets and my bling.  So there you have it! My closet.  You can certainly do many other things, but make it fun, easy price conscience and I guarantee that you too can have fun organizing your chaos! My next task will be the linen closet! Stay tuned!

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